My weekend in pictures - Karlstad edition


Oh what a wonderful long weekend I had! Me and G flew to Stockholm, spent a few hours walking around the beautiful city, had burgers at Vigårda and later took the train to my hometown, Karlstad.

Vigårda has some delicious burgers!

The train took about 3 hours (couple of episodes of House of Cards season 5) and we went straight to bed. The next morning we made a wonderful breakfast spread, nom nom

We then got ready to meet my sis at her school! She finally graduated high school - woooop!!

We then went home to prepare for the next stage of the celebration.. food!

Mom and her friend cooked and prepared it all

Vietnamese salad, spring rolls and traditional swedish sandwich cake..

Cake is a must!

The next morning it was time for yet another big breakfast.

We spent the day on the terrace watching more house of cards because it was raining.. once it had stopped (evening) we met up with Miriam and Anna, friends from school times!

We shared a kebab pizza <3

On Saturday me, sis, bf and niece went out for a bike ride!

And when we got home it was time to eat pho! YUUUUM! My absolute fave whenever I'm home

Shortly after our delicious lunch I started getting ready as we were going on a triple date!

We had a pre drink at Charlotte and David's apartment first which was super lovely.. then we walked over to the local "harbour" and the restaurant Ankdammen

Happy friends!

I had a lovely Salmon with new potatoes and hjortron sauce.. no idea what that berrie is called in english :) The service was INCREDIBLY slow but once we got our food we were all happy, haha.

After dinner we popped over to newly opened Olssons Bazar

Such a beautiful space! Haven't seen anything like it in my little hometown before

I wore a leather skirt found on ebay, G's denim shirt, top from Zara and shoes from New Look


My girls :) So happy we were able to schedule in a triple date!