Vordingborg, Pate Pate and Troyboi

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and had breakfast before taking the train to Vordingborg in south Denmark to visit my Auntie and cousins. I don't have a big family, but the family that I have are spread across Europe and Asia which makes it quite hard to keep in touch (thank God for Facebook/Instagram/Skype!).We had a short and sweet tour of her tiny little town, ate Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup, the best) and just talked. IMG_0134 copy DSC04549 copy DSC04550 copyDSC04559 copy  In the evening I spent a bit of time researching where to go for a late dinner. We definitely wanted to try and eat in the meat market cause it's meant to be super hip and cool (haha) and that's basically how I found Pate Pate. The restaurant had really good reviews so our expectations were high.DSC04560 copy DSC04562 copy DSC04563 copy Interior cool, service cool, so far everything was cool.DSC04565 copyWe ordered drinks and 5 small plates of food to share.DSC04575 copy Burrata and tomatoes, super creamy and deliciousDSC04578 copy Super cheesy risotto. As I said earlier we had a few more dishes but it was quite dark in the restaurant and I hate using the flash on my camera, haha. Whilst waiting for our last dish we noticed our neighbours got their food served before us and we had now waited for a good 30 minutes.  We were quite full by this point and got slightly annoyed over the extreme wait. When we finally received the dish we simply asked if they could delete if off the bill because we had waited too long and had to be somewhere. The waiter said no, so we kindly asked to speak to the manager who asked how long we had waited and apologised. Because of this little mishap my overall feeling of the restaurant is just.. meh. I don't DON'T recommend it but I have been to better places.

During our meal G was texting with a friend who just happened to be in Copenhagen. Her boyfriend Troy had a gig and said "COME!". We jumped in a cab and ended up at random basement club called Rust. DSC04583 copy DSC04588 copyI hadn't heard much of Troy's music previously but I now get why the crowd went absolutely mental. His music makes you want to go a bit crazy, haha. He had some hardcore fans and I was SO grateful to be able to stand on the side of the stage!

Check out Troy's soundcloud here!

Puss, N