Vietnam / Flying to Côn Đảo

On to my favourite part of my Vietnam holiday; Côn Đảo Islands.Côn Đảo Islands are an archipelago in the south east of Vietnam and contains of about 16 islands and islets.

I'm genuinely not scared of flying but there's just something about those smaller planes, haha. Flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Côn Đảo takes just under an hour and flights are quite cheap. DSC02546 Cargo in front.. Well that's new.DSC02548 DSC02549 Smallest airport I've ever been to.. DSC02552We got picked up by our hotel's chauffeur and the drive to the hotel was about 30 minutes along the narrow and wingly roads.

Choosing hotel was quite difficult as there are literally a handful to choose from, and they all have mixed reviews. Also, it was a choice between extreme luxury Six Senses OR affordable, friendly Con Dao Seatravel, haha. We went for the latter :)DSC02924DSC02923 More pictures of the hotel in my next post!

Puss, N