A touristy day in Rio


I know I kind of stopped posting about Brazil and to be completely honest, I ended up in some serious holiday blues after!There's not much left to post so here we go: A touristy day in Rio!

We started with a beautiful breakfast at our new hotel Santa Teresa

They had a big menu and we decided to try various stuff because why not!? This is one of the many dishes..

We had completely missed checking the weather reports.. Look at this beautiful pool that I never got to enjoy :(

Anyway. After breakfast we were picked up by our lovely driver who was going to take us around Rio for the day.. first stop: Christ The Redeemer, one of the new 7 wonders of the world. We had to drive up the mountain to then buy a ticket at the official office and then take a minibus up to see the Christ. But not after climbing lots of steps.

And here He is! I can't lie.. we both thought it was going to be bigger, haha! But still very very cool to look at be near

The view was absolutely stunning from every single angle

After lots of picture taking we went back to our driver who drove us to a less touristy spot at the neighbouring mountain

See Christ in the background? Pretty cool if you ask me!

Behind the scenes, haha We then asked to be taken to a local restaurant with good food and our driver took us to Gaucho! (Gaucho is a fancy steak restaurant in London but turns out they've got a Gaucho in Rio too ;) )

We shared a plate of steak, rice, beans and veggies.. so delicious!

After lunch we drove to the famous steps Escadaria Selarón

There were queues everywhere to get those famous pictures you see everywhere and the girl below didn't get the memo..

Cropped out, there we go!



I got my picture! Yay! After the stairs I had one more visit on my list and that was the Cathedral because look at it..  (borrowed below pic from Google!)

And the inside was even more magical..

What an amazing cathedral! I can't even imagine how amazing services, weddings and celebrations would be here..

I'd highly recommend hiring a driver for a day and see as much as you can in that day - they are also great for insider tips, haha. It helped that G speaks portuguese as our driver didn't speak english, but I'm sure you can hire english speaking drivers too :)