This is what I call summer

On Saturday me and Gabriel woke up super early and spent the morning outside before breakfast.DSC05208 copy DSC05213 copyDSC05219 copyDSC05231 copyThe sun came out and it must've been at least 30 degrees in the sun! Super lovely. We all changed into swimwear and listened to music and swam in the ICE cold waterDSC05230 copyDSC05300 copy DSC05286 copy DSC05285 copy DSC05281 copy DSC05271 copy No stupid snapchat filter flower crown.. this is the real deal!DSC05258 copy DSC05244 copy Such an amazing view..DSC05321 copyDSC05330 copyDSC05237 copy DSC05233 copy In the late afternoon we left the wonderful island and came back to Stockholm. DSC05336 copyDSC05340 copyDSC05344 copyDSC05342 copyLook at my stunning tan lines, haha! I genuinely didn't think of spf and well, I paid for it. We had the most amazing time away and the family we visited were so friendly and loving. Can't wait to see them all again!

Puss, N