Pool side, tour of the favelas and a new hotel


And we're back to yet another random day in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. I woke up super early to catch the sunrise and was not disappointed!

This mornings plan was to spend some time by the pool and then go on a tour in the favela near us. I was still deciding whether to go or not as we had heard gunshots there the night before.. We had breakfast as soon as the kitchen opened.

Granola with yoghurt, fresh fruit and toast

We then popped upstairs and took some pictures of the beautiful pool and me pretending to be all cool with the ice cold water

Perfect selfie mirror!

Swimsuit from American Apparel I then decided to go ahead with the tour.. We met with the chef of the hotel who was going to take us around the favela. Me and G both dressed pretty casual as we didn't want unnecessary attention.. :')

We walked up hundreds of stairs, small pathways and roads whilst the chef was talking about the area. The favelas in Rio are all built on mountains and you can see hints of where there once was trees and beautiful plants.

Our lovely tour guide told us how the police didn't have any authority and that the drug lords "run" the place. Scary thought. He told G plenty of action stories but all in portuguese to keep me calm, haha.

I tried to take more pictures but locals quickly saw my camera and told me to put it away, so I obviously did. The tour was super interesting but my anxiety was present at ALL times. I still can't decide if I'd recommend doing a tour, but it was definitely an eye opener. When we got back we packed and checked out of our wonderful hotel Casa Mosquito.

We then went to visit G's auntie and it was so lovely meeting yet another family member of his. After our brief meeting we took a cab to Santa Teresa and Santa Teresa Hotel.

Our beautiful rustic but modern suite

Stunning black bathroom with a massive shower, love!

In the evening we were advised yet again not to walk around so we took a cab down the road to italian restaurant La Bocca.

We shared bruschettas to start with, yum!

G had a lovely chicken dish and I ate a creamy lasagna

After our meal we took another cab back to the hotel, watched some tv and had another early night. Early nights for the win!