Our Airbnb apartment in Copenhagen

80% of the holidays me and G have been on we have rented an apartment. It is usually cheaper than a hotel and you get to immerse yourself in a (usually) non touristy area. We tend to buy breakfast items at a local shop and spend money on lunch/dinners out.Our apartment in Copenhagen was on the 3rd floor of a big apartment building and filled with light. Big windows, white walls, wooden floors - basically a dream. It was literally a 2 minute walk from the metro station (where you could also rent bicycles) and it was super easy to get around.DSC04632DSC04487 copyDSC04482 copy My future home will most definitely have a large dining room table. Can't think of anything better than a table filled with good food surrounded by friends.DSC04483 copy DSC04634 copy Modern kitchen with everything and anything we could've needed.DSC04633 copyMassive bedroom. Unfortunately I don't have any PG pictures of the bathroom, haha. The bathroom was modern with a shower and jacuzzi.

I'm so used to London's small apartments that staying in such a roomy and airy apartment felt.. strange. We just had too much space. I'll link the apartment below if you want to check it out for yourself!

Airbnb: Copenhagen apartment Puss, N