Nyhavn (new harbour) and more architecture

On our last day in Copenhagen we decided to check out all the interior shops and nyhavn (new harbour). Unfortunately for us it was a red day and absolutely everything was closed, so upsetting!DSC04602 copy We managed to find the Danish Architecture Centre and decided to check it out.DSC04611 copy IMG_0138 copyBeautiful old building.DSC04613 copy We saw the exhibition 52 weeks, 52 cities by photographer Iwan Baan. Stunning pictures from all over the world.DSC04615 copyA must. Gift shop.IMG_0147 copyFound a cool orange wall and decided to have a little shoot. I think I look so mini underneath those massive windows!DSC04619 copy DSC04630 copyDSC04620 copyWe got caught in the rain but managed to get a few pictures of the famous harbour! Packed with tourists, restaurants and gift shops. IMG_0171 copy We had such a lovely time in Copenhagen and I can't wait to go back. When we do, I will cycle more and definitely visit more interior shops - which denmark is famous for.

Puss, N