Midsummer in Stockholm


Another amazing weekend in Sweden - this time in Stockholm.Me and G flew on Thursday evening to Stockholm and went straight to my boy Arild and his lovely gf Segen. We caught up briefly before going to bed. The next morning I woke up like this..

No, I didn't. But man, if I could wake up looking like that everyday? Win! Especially with a flower crown on top of my head. We drove to Nynäshamn and got picked up on a small boat that took us to Arild's friends island (yes, island).

The sun was shining whilst waiting for our boat ride but as always on midsummer, decided to disappear behind dark clouds

We arrived at the family's beautiful house (this is one of them) and helped setting everything up for lunch

There were moose balls, regular meatballs, janssons frestelse (potato bake), canapes, bread, new potatoes and fish

We had a crazy amount of snaps and sang songs to "welcome" the summer!

After lunch we played some games in the garden.. I filmed it all, pretty hilarious. We then had coffee, tea and CHEESECAKE!

Arild is the very proud founder and owner of Cheesecake palace and he brought the midsummer cheesecake to the island for us all to sample and enjoy, nom nom nom

We danced around on the terrace for a bit before going inside to watch some tv.. and warm up. In the early evening we spent an hour or two in the very hot sauna and Arild managed to convince both me and G to swim in the extremely cold sea (15 degrees ish..).

It did actually feel pretty good afterwards.. but the initial shock was painful! We slept like babies in the boathouse and spent Saturday hanging out with friends and family before going back to Stockholm.

I can't thank them all enough for such a wonderful midsummer celebration. For the second year in a row, we felt super welcomed, loved and had the BEST time. Can't wait to go back :)