Go Get Faded - literally

Two of my friends run Faded together - a collection of events in London and international and last night they hosted an amazing night at All Stars Lane in Shoreditch, Brick Lane. Giant Connect 4, giant jenga, card games, foosball table and more!Nicole had the brilliant idea that we should all play King's Cup. There are basically rules for every number and it can be anything from you taking a sip, to you creating a rule (like touch your nose everytime you drink). Safe to say it got a bit messy!    Beautiful Nicole and Tazer Me and the ladies  Apparently I "go deep" when I bowl, haha! During the evening this guy randomly turns up and makes us all question life itself. He did some amazing card tricks that were just crazy. As I said, it got a bit messy. With my girls, heeeeyyy!

Nights like these are a rare nowadays! We spent hours playing games, talking, bowling and singing along to hiphop/rnb tunes. I had such a fun evening and can't wait for their next event! Go check them out on their website or facebook page.

Puss, N

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