Jet lag and wandering around Williamsburg

Good morning from the other side of the pond! My flight from London was alright and I landed at 7pm (local time). I waited at the airport for Ariel to land from San Diego and after loads of hugs we took a cab back to her apartment in Williamsburg. I was extremely tired so went straight to bed. At 5.30 am I was wide awake and watched some netflix before Ariel woke up. We bought some breakfast and she went to work whilst I went back to the apartment, got ready and headed back out. Williamsburg is such a cool and calm area with parks, small independent shops and lots of restaurants and cafes.DSC06092 copy DSC06093 copy DSC06094 copy DSC06095 copy DSC06097 copy DSC06099 copy DSC06100 copy DSC06101 copyI sat in McCarren park, wandered around and eventually returned back to the apartment and had a light snack before Ariel came home.