A half day in Mineiros


Our days in Mineiros would start with a breakfast around 7am. Why so early? Well it's only a 4 hour time difference but it was quite nice going to bed early and wake up early (grannies).After breakfast we'd spend time with family and chat before it was time for lunch.

I had made a list of various foods I wanted to try and today they had made one of those dishes! The yellow dish below is Moqueca de camarão. Prawn and coconut stew. It was as delicious as I had imagined it to be.

After lunch G's cousin Demilson drove us to take some tourist pictures, a must.

We then picked up Ana and Luis and drove to this random exclusive gated area of Mineiros. These wild beautiful creatures walked around.

The area reminded me a little bit of Dubai. Quite new, big houses and a fake lake.

Ice cream break!

We then drove to a farm far far away to see this..

I thought, this is beautiful, and then Demilson reached out his arm and said "let's go!".. Boy was I nervous.


A relieved selfie, haha.

We got home around 8pm, had a "small" dinner and went to bed early. Such a good day.