Parts of his wonderful family. 

I'm from a pretty "cold" country where physical affection is, in my opinion, limited.. even from family members. To then visit a family like his, where I was flooded with kisses and hugs as soon as we met, was wonderful but new. Every single time someone entered the house or left, they'd kiss and hug, and you could see that it wasn't by force. It was the most natural thing in the world and it made me so incredibly happy every time I witnessed it.

Leaving Mineiros and these beautiful humans was pretty upsetting. They had showered us with love and food (haha) for almost a week straight and we truly had the best time. They inspired me so much as a family. When we drove away, after lots of kisses and hugs, I felt so overwhelmed that I cried. G held me and I just cried. Ah, it was that same strange feeling after leaving Katie and Ariel.. think it's called love or something, I don't know :)

I can't wait to go back to his tiny little hometown and see everyone again.

Next: Rio de Janeiro!