Copenhagen | Sightseeing and lunch at Torvehallerne


Our day started with breakfast at home. We fried some eggs, toasted bread and I introduced Alana to danish chocolate on toast. Very delicious!After breakfast we got ready and took the bus into the city.

Our first stop was Amalienborg, the home of the Danish royal family!

We were not alone..

Afterwards we walked to Nyhavn which is probably the most photographed place in Copenhagen.

Cutest tourist!

We then, quite literally, stumbled across Torvehallere which is a indoor food market!

Just outside they had a market where people were selling the most random stuff. We ended up buying three of these candle holders for our living room :)

For lunch we shared a hot dog and roasted potatoes from Pølse Kompagniet!

I had to split our Saturday up into several posts as it was a busy one! Next up.. boat ride :)