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When I came across Go Boat Cph online I immediately messaged Emelie (third flatmate) and said "THIS is what I want to book for Alana's birthday!". She quickly agreed and I booked it.Initially it was only meant to be for me and Alana, but my Swedish friend Ulrika and her friend Angelica took the train over from Malmö (in Sweden) and joined us! :) The more the merrier.

Go Boat is a wonderful, eco-friendly company that rents out their boats to groups of friends like ours. You pay a set fee per hour and can bring up to 8 friends! You can also buy a picnic basket straight from Go Boat or pop into the nearest 7/11 and buy snacks, like we did.

We checked in with their reception and walked down to our boat.

We were shown how to manoeuvre the boat and Angelica was the bravest out of all of us - she got to go first!

We drove through the tiny canals, past big touristy boats and enjoyed the fact that it was only us!

Ulrika and me! We've been friends since my first year in London (2010) and met very randomly at a BBQ in Clapham.

Alana went next!

We drove past the most amazing buildings!

Ulrika had a go at driving and then it was my turn! Clearly freaking out over the massive boat behind me..

Past Papirøen! A very cool place where hundreds (felt like hundred) people starred at us as we bobbled past.

On our way back we were met by the strongest winds which delayed us, but the Go Boat guys didn't mind. Phew.

We all had such a great time on the boat and I am super super keen on doing it again! :)

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