Birthday getaway to Oxford

On Saturday morning I woke up with a minor headache, got ready and met my boyfriend at his place. We (well.. he!) drove to Oxford for a short getaway! I've been wanting to travel more within the UK and Oxford seemed so beautiful and picturesque..We arrived in the early afternoon and our first stop was Christ Church to attend a christmas carol concert. I'm an absolute sucker for christmas carols and because I used to sing quite a lot growing up and perform with school, attending these types of concerts makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. I didn't take any pictures inside the church but here's a random mix of pictures from the area.Happy passenger and self-allocated DJbirthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller2 Entrance!birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller3 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller4 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller5 Him <3birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller6 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller7My favourite numberbirthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller8 It was incredibly cold outside!birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller9Inside the most amazing gift shop! Look at the ceiling?! birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller10 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller11 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller12 Look at it!!birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller13 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller14The Christ Church Hall.. felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie!birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller15 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller16 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller19 birthday-weekend-oxford-bynoelle-traveller20We ended our Oxford tour with a stop at one of the many G&D Cafés.. and oh boy did it disappoint! :( The waffle was cold and soggy, chocolate tasteless and nuts weird. Argh. It looked pretty though?! Our next stop was Kelmscott and Plough Inn! More on that in the next post.. Didn't realise I took so many pictures, haha!