An arty afternoon at the Met

So sorry for the lack of posts lately! For some reason I thought my body and mind would be strong enough to handle NYC - work - Ibiza - work with no break whatsoever and well, my body and mind crashed. I, with a little help from google, diagnosed myself and I was simply exhausted. I was tired, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous and had pains everywhere. Now take that and add pms on top of that - great combo! I'm now feeling a lot better so let's get back to NYC!After our visit to Top of the Rock we met up with Lili and walked to Central Park, another must see.dsc06468 dsc06470 dsc06473 dsc06474 dsc06475 dsc06476 dsc06480 dsc06482The park was, not surprisingly, absolutely stunning and surrounded by tall buildings. We then walked to the Met which is literally next to the park.dsc06491 dsc06494 dsc06495Now don't be fooled! My friend Daniel mentioned that the entrance fee is just a donation so you can actually pay whatever you want! We paid $10 for 3 people whereas their recommendation is $25 per person!dsc06496dsc06502dsc06504dsc06507dsc06510dsc06511dsc06513dsc06514We didn't actually go through the entire museum as it would've probably taken a day and a half, but saw what we wanted to see :)dsc06519dsc06524Quick visit to the Guggenheim, such a beautiful building!dsc06532And like true new yorkers took the train back to Brooklyn.