8 hour bus ride to Mineiros and meeting the family

I'm a big fan of flying, but anything on ground? Make it quick and easy, please.We got a ride to the bus station in Goiania, help buying the tickets (thank you Luis!), bought snacks and got on the bus.

A massive bus!

I was very happy to find large, comfortable seats with lots of leg space (not that I need it, but bf does!).

We watched Moana (amazing animated film) and other tv shows during the long trip.

We also had ice cream breaks with great views. Much appreciated.

After 8 hours (!) on the bus we arrived to G's grandparents house in Mineiros. We were showered in kisses and hugs and after settling into our room had dinner.

In Brazil the biggest meal is lunch, but they had prepared a mini dinner for us as they knew we'd be hungry. We spent the evening talking and had an early night. God, I was so happy to finally be there.