Exploring Bergianska trädgården and Hagaparken

On Sunday we spent a few hours exploring two different parks in Stockholm - Bergianska Trädgården and Hagaparken.Let's start with Bergianska Trädgården which is a massive garden with the most amazing plants and trees.

Water features in the garden and it's next to this..

They had small signs everywhere with the name of the plants/trees and trust me, there must've been hundreds if not thousands!

Greenhouse filled with exotic plants (closed for the day)

We then drove to Hagaparken which is absolutely massive and super stunning!

The crown princess of Sweden lives "in" the park too.. Her house/mansion/castle is completely hidden by trees though.


Arild took us to a hidden spot up on the mountain! Felt like a fairytale.


Love this picture of me and G. We normally don't get many pictures of us two together as he usually shoots me or me him, so it's nice to get some candid shots.

We had the best time in Stockholm and finished it off with homemade pulled pork burgers and coleslaw and an attempt to watch a movie, haha. The more we visit Sweden and Stockholm the more we can see ourselves living there in the future. I'd love to go back to that park with a massive picnic basket filled with yummy foods!