Travel Diaries / Thai Airways

Finally holiday!After finishing packing, getting dressed and leave the house I managed to get on the tube to Heathrow Airport. I was overjoyed that the tube strike was cancelled - the journey would've been horrific had it not. I hadn't been to Terminal 2 since the renovations and let me tell you.. it is PRETTY! Open space, good variety of shops and staff everywhere to help. Great great great. I flew with Thai Airways and was excited to see the good old A380. I mainly flew the A380 when I was working for Emirates. I'm always very (read extremely) critical towards crew members. I expect a lot from well known brands (such as Thai Air) and a smile is the least they could and should give me whilst boarding. Well.. They did not. The lady assigned to my area seemed to be in a bad mood and didn't give me a single smile DURING THE ENTIRE FLIGHT! For some, it's nothing. To me, that's a big minus.

Anyway. The plane was clean and colourful and all that but I was still pretty upset about my welcoming, haha. I don't let things like these go! Lunch was served as soon as we were in the air and I was surprised over the lack of a menu, but found one on the screen. For lunch we were served salmon rolls with a cream cheese filling and thai red chicken curry with rice and green beans. The curry was actually quite nice and my mood was instantly better. After lunch I watched the new Steve Jobs movie and tried to catch some sleep, which was absolutely impossible. Especially with the cutest 17-month old behind me who wanted to play, haha. During the night we were served sandwiches filled with eggs, salmon/cucumber and chicken. I like that mid-sleep snack! Hours later.. For breakfast I chose eggs benedict (!!) with a croissant, yoghurt and fresh fruit. Nom nom. After 11.5 hours I was finally in Bangkok. I met up with mum who had flown from Stockholm, we hugged it out and sat down for about 15 minutes before it was time to board the next flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Now, the plane was maybe not as fancy and big, but the service was a lot better! Probably because there were about 20 passengers and the flight takes an hour.. :) We were served a QUICK snack of sandwiches, fresh fruits and juice and soon after clearing it was time to land! After landing I didn't take any pictures as I was so incredibly tired after being awake for a day and a half. We were picked up by my mum's family and went pretty much straight to a restaurant for lunch. More on that later!

Puss, N