My new interior obsession: Low shelves

One of my flatmates is moving out in a few months and she is taking A LOT of stuff with her. This means that I can finally declutter and decorate the house to my (our.. Emelie is involved too) liking, and I am so excited.We have had a few discussions already and have agreed to keep it white and scandinavian inspired (no surprise there!). Because of this I have obviously spent a stupid amount of time on Pinterest and IKEA for inspiration. My new interior obsession are low bookcases/shelves. Why low? Well, let's have a look: See what I mean?! I like the idea of being able to store books and magazines but also have a place for plants, artwork and candles. I found these on IKEA and think they are great options: Billy, £54 Kallax, £30

Kallax, £39

What do you think of these shelves? And what is your latest interior obsession? :)