ZUU / Virgin Active

I've been a member at Virgin Active for a few years but started going frequently when they opened up a brand new gym nearer my office (not that it wasn't close before...) in august 2015. Virgin Active Walbrook is part of their Collection range which basically is fancier than the rest. I might do a more in depth post about the gym in the future if you'd like to read more about it! I've never been one to like cardio/strength classes. I prefer dancing (zumba) and regular weight training. But when Walbrook opened, they introduced a new class called Zuu. I thought this would be an easier option to body pump and other cardio classes, as it is only 30 minutes. Oh boy was I wrong. I hated the first class. Zuu was designed by Nathan Helberg, Aussie fitness guru and human movement expert. It is high intensity interval training using primal and animal moves - crawl, twist, lunge, push and bend. There are five rules in Zuu and two of them are no knees and speak up. Basically, if you're doing a push up, you're not allowed to use your knees. If you're crawling, you better not rest on your knees! Speak up means what it reads, speak up. The instructor shouts throughout the entire class to push and motivate you, but the rest needs to do the same. Motivate each other, clap on the back, high fives etc. For some reason I've become absolutely obsessed with it and I try and attend two classes a week, including my normal weight training. On thursday we had one of the biggest classes Zuu has ever seen in the UK - 19 people, yaaaay! Sounds small but you seriously can't add many more as you need  a lot of space for this class. Zuu has made me a lot more flexible and stronger. With no weight training on my upper body I am now able to do one pull up *crowd cheers* :D The Zuu family. Our instructor Obadiah is at the front with the white tee :)

Puss, N