Wireless festival

On Friday I took a half a day off to go to Wireless festival in Finsbury Park with my bestest friends. We all met up at a local pub near the festival area before going in.DSC05467 DSC05475 DSC05477 DSC05480Cheers! DSC05483 Kwabe performed. Never heard of the guy but he had a great voice!DSC05486Happy family, haha!DSC05485 Lady LeshurrDSC05500The sun came out!DSC05489DSC05504DSC05509Waiting for Miguel to perform, absolutely love himDSC05515DSC05511DSC05513Him <3DSC05523Bryson Tiller performed. I didn't like the performance at all to be honest.. Think he needs to be enjoyed at a smaller venue where the crowd won't sing louder than himDSC05520DSC05518Saw a litte bit of 1975 before Calvin Harris was introduced by WILL SMITHDSC05526DSC05532I'm not a massive Calvin fan but man, he has so many hits. The set was super cool and he had fireworks, fire, brought out Dizzee Rascal and unfortunately after we left, Big Sean. Me and G decided to leave just before the finish simply because we didn't want to travel the crowds back home but I was so disappointed I missed Big Sean!!

I had such a good time and even though the performances was okaaaay the fact that I was surrounded by good friends and sunshine made it amazing :)

Outfit: Dress from Mango (in sale now!) Converse and Matt & Natt bag

Puss (still means kiss in swedish), N