Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a classic tourist attraction during december. It opens from 10am and closes late and is usually absolutely packed. You can go ice skating, see shows, drink/eat, play games, go on rides and shop.On Monday me, G and his nieces went to Hyde Park and strolled around for hours. I am super happy I wrapped up warm cause despite the blue skies and sunshine it was windy! Also.. when you're walking around for hours, it makes you super cold!This was their first ride.. Safe to say I stayed behind to keep G's hat safe. I'm not about that rollercoaster-loop-life.Me and the girls went on the Ice Mountain ride and oh boy! I thought it was going to be a pretty humble ride but there were sharp turns, drops, spins and everything. Make a wish!We wanted to go on this swing ride but the wind (and price!) kept us groundedWe didn't win anything, went on a couple of rides, ate lunch and had to finish our visit with crepes and nutella. I don't think I could go more than once a year, but it is a lovely event during christmas! If you don't care too much about the lights I'd recommend going early morning as the queues are not that bad :)