Westfield Stratford and cinema date

I used to love coming to Westfield when I first moved to London. It had everything I could possibly need; food mall, clothing shops, beauty shops, cinema, bowling, interior.. everything. But now? It's a mini hell on earth, haha. It is absolutely packed with people at all times and I find it almost claustrophobic (even though it's massive). Either way. On Monday me and G decided to see Allied at Vue Cinema and Westfield Stratford was the only one showing it at a decent time. I went there earlier to skip the rush hour, had a burrito (yum) and worked on my laptop.Allied was not what I expected. For some reason I thought it was going to be another Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of movie so I expected a lot more action, but this was a straight up drama. It is about Max and Marianne who are world war II operatives and have never revealed their true identities. They meet for the very first time during an undercover mission and have to pretend to be married, fight bad guys together and later falls in love..Marion Cotillard is absolutely stunning in the film and the scenery and clothes are beautiful. Brad, he's alright I guess. Allied is in cinemas now!

Other movies I can't wait to see is Trolls (I'm a sucker for musicals), La La Land (Emma Stone AND Ryan Gosling AND John Legend? Come on!?) and United Kingdom.