My weekend in pictures | Interior, celebrating Emelie and YouTube


A weekend filled with relaxation and fun! On Friday I got home with a headache and decided to take it easy. All I did was heat up some food and put up new frames above my bed.

I want to move the frames slightly closer together but I ran out of Command Strips, haha!

Saturday was spent on the terrace soaking up the sun and after that I did a load of laundry and cleaned my room - the joy of living on your own!

In the evening we (me and my flatmates) got ready for a night out! We started at home with lots of snacks and drinks provided by Emelie. We were celebrating her bday a little bit early as she's moving to Oxfordshire for the next two months!

Me and Alana gave her this little gift.. Socks (because she always runs out!) and a picture of us that she can have on her new bedside table ;)

Fixed ourselves a little bit more..

And took a cab to Revolution bar in America Square!

There we surprised Emelie with a lovely table with balloons and drinks!

Because I booked the table under my name the DJ kept on shouting out "happy bday this person, happy bday that person, happy bday Noelle!!" Oops.

We had a surprisingly good night and were happy we chose a club relatively near us! We stumbled home at 3 in the morning and decided to take some more pictures..

Love the last picture of us! <3

Sunday was spent in bed and later organising my jewellery..

Jewellery box from Muji

(draft thumbnail for my video)

The rest of my Sunday was spent on the sofa editing my first ever youtube video! I've been wanting to start a YT channel for absolutely ages and I finally edited my "donating my hair to charity" video that I did with Nadia. I don't want to brag just yet, but I think I did a pretty good job in editing it, considering it was my first time! I'm hoping to post it on YouTube in a couple of days so stay tuned :)

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!