My weekend in pictures

So sorry for the silence! I was unable to access my blog for a couple of days due to my hosting platform, ugh.Here's my weekend in pictures! I didn't take many pictures on Friday and Saturday because everywhere I went was dark, haha.

It started at BYOC near Aldgate on Friday. It is a speakeasy bar where you bring your own alcohol and they'll make delicious cocktails for you (obvs for a price). It was lovely celebrating Shannon and getting to know her friends, but I doubt I'll go back to BYOC. The bartenders were alright but the hostess literally kicked us out when our time slot was done, and I hate feeling rushed or "forced" to leave when I have paid to be there.

After BYOC we walked to London Cocktail Club which has never failed me! Great music, yummy cocktails and plenty of room to dance!

Even the photo machine didn't work! :( We took photos of the photos.. ;)

On Saturday me and Alana went to Stratford to pick up an order from IKEA (they lost our order then later found it.. stress!) and had lunch Pho! Yum yum

I was stunned to learn that Alana had never had pho before so I went ahead and ordered for the both of us!

I am very happy to report that Alana approved! Possibly because I added extra garlic..

In the evening I attempted filming a youtube tutorial curling my hair but meh, I need more practice! I got ready and went all the way to South Kensington and Ours Restaurant.

I attempted taking a few pictures inside but it was way to dark so the only picture I have is this..

A pretty bathroom!

On Sunday I woke up pretty tired but excited for a new day. Me and Alana were going to Fever LDN Burger and Milkshake festival! Yay!

Whilst in the queue several people left and said not to bother going in.. we got more curious!

It was held at 338 Studios and the weather was absolutely perfect but we quickly realised what those people were talking about..

There were no free burgers as promised (only a mini slider) and NO milkshakes?!

We were both starving so we went to the stall that had the shortest queue and bought fries and cheeseburgers.

It wasn't great.. but it filled us up!

We spent the next two hours dancing it off to old school hiphop and rnb whilst everyone else was queuing for food..

Alana's colleague and two mated came and so we ended up staying till early evening.

When we got home we went straight onto Facebook and Twitter and saw this..

Some of us had been drinking out of date ciders all evening.. uuuuuggghhhh

The "festival" was an absolute con and had it not been for the music, we would've left!

That was my weekend guys, haha. I managed to squeeze in laundry, cooking, cleaning etc as well, but that's not really worth documenting in pictures.. ;)