Wednesday list | What type of person are you?

bw3Photo taken by Tom

At the restaurant The one who’s most likely booked the table and read the entire menu online img_0595.jpgdigging in at Bone Daddies

At the club Either be the one getting down to some groovy rnb/hiphop, catch up with friends or make new ones

In clothing shops I’ll look through the rails quickly, try things on quickly and get out quickly – I’d rather shop online!

On airplanes Order apple juice and water, sit by the window or aisle depending on flight length, stretch regularly and judge the cabin crew as I’ve previously been oneimg_9806.jpegtransfer to Vietnam from Thailand

At the Café I'll order Peppermint tea and chocolate cake or apple crumble with cold custard

In school  Was super shy and enjoyed music and photography lessons

In the kitchen Never follows a recipe and likes to experiment. prefers non-healthy things DSC01801 copy french toast bake recipe here

In a relationship Want a lot of attention and reassurance and plan things all the timeimg_2364.jpgon our way to see Majid Jordan earlier this year

In the supermarket Never follows my to-buy list

In the mornings I want to snooze and eat a big breakfastimg_5096 NYC, Sixty Hotel <3 In the evenings Eat a nice dinner, watch some Netflix and cuddle

On the bus By the window day dreaming whilst listening to the latest rnb

At work Control freak and likes to plan things

Right now Left arm hurts a little due to the flu jab. Looking forward to Friday when I’m seeing my friends for dinner. Trying to plan what to do for Christmas and NYE.