Wednesday list | What?

IMG_6831-0.pngWhat makes you stressed?Not being on time, not knowing how to complete a task, when others are not on time haha

What are you doing tonight? Meeting up with my bf after work and going to try on some winter coats. Cook a nice dinner and relaxIMG_7690

What’s easy? It’s easy to be lazy, to be hard on yourself and to forget friends when you’re busy. It’s easy to make pancakes, to start something new and say yes/noimg_9739.jpeg

What’s for dinner? I feel like cooking something with fish.. perhaps cod?

What do you want to do more? Travel more, blog more, go and see more musicals, cook more, bake more, learn more, spend more time with people who lift me up and go to the gym moreIMG_6786.JPG

What makes you excited? Planning trips, visiting a new city, anything related to food and seeing my friends/partner succeed

What makes you cry? Where do I start? Youtube clips, films, (since NYC) saying goodbye to friends, chopping onion, when I’m irritated at G or friends or when they are with me. I cry of laughter, exhaustion and talking about difficult things. I actually quite like crying which may seem a bit weird. I like the feeling just after you’ve had a good cry – like you don’t have any tears left and you’re now ready to let it go. For me, crying is how I release my feelings.

What made you angry last? I got really angry with myself last week when I forgot my lunch haha - other than that I don't really get angry. More annoyed with things.

What tastes good? Tacos, crème brulee, ice cream, meatballs, avocado, pizza, pasta carbonara, sweet potato fries, steak, halloumi, strawberries, sushi.. I can go on for a while.DSC03832 DSC03846 DSC03932 DSC04097 img_1756.jpg What made you really happy last? The joy I felt at Evan and Sofia's wedding was unreal. More recently.. I was very happy seeing Pharao and Mikaela on Mondaydsc07161-copy What are your weekend plans? I'm going to see Troyboi on thursday (it's not really the weekend but whatever), not to sure about friday, meet Tom for lunch on Saturday and probably go out in the evening.