Wednesday list | Random Q's

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 14.20.21Do you have a nickname? Eh, G calls me baby, wifey, älskling every now and again (darling/loved one in Swedish), noelli..

Do you do anything weird that you just have to do regularly? Genuinely don’t think so..

Anything else you must have? Nails polished. If you ever see me with “bad” looking nails I’m not having a great week hahaimg_7372.jpg Any luxuries? I don’t get manicures at salons.. don’t get a haircut regularly (that's why my hair is so long).. I’m pretty easy! I prefer to do things myself

When no one sees you, what do you do? Run around the house in underwear, pose in front of the mirror in hopes of seeing some abs (I never do), eat Nutella straight out of the jar DSC03842 What annoys you in others? People walking too slow, when you talk and they’re on their phone, when they avoid eye contact (it’s just weird!) and if they have no sense of rhythm (Nigel knows how much this annoys me) What’s your worst trait? I care too much about others and what other people think that I end up hurting myself

What side of the bed do you sleep on? If I’m alone I sleep everywhere. Preferably at a diagonal angle. Otherwise the right side if you’re facing the bed

What kind of movies do you like? Anything but scary movies

Do you cry often? Yeah. Not necessarily cause I’m upset though. It could be a good movie, an emotional youtube video, proposal or simply chopping onion

Do you say something to others (as in advice) that you never do yourself? Hah, plenty. Love yourself more, don’t take BS and focus on yourself

What do you sing in the shower? Whatever is playing on my phone, normally rnb

What do you want the most right now? Cuddles and mc donalds apple pieimg_1759.jpg It's not mc donalds but equally as good.. from Jinjuu.

What dish is your favourite? Mom’s pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup) DSC05063 copyThe above is what I am going to demand from mom when I visit in a couple of weeks.. :)