Wednesday list | birthday wishlist!

I love birthdays. My birthday, others birthday, whatever. It's a celebration of someone's life and I think it's fun and lovely.My birthday is just under 4 weeks away so what else would I write about, but my birthday wishlist?! Some items are things I genuinely want and some are just.. unrealistic, haha. Pyjamas from COS I've never had a full set pyjama (shirt and trousers) and this outfit just screams sunday, bed, tea and netflix! I really like the blue shade as well. Scented three wick candle from NEOM NEOM makes the most beautiful scented candles and I've already "burnt" two. This one smells of cinnamon, mandarin and tonka bean (not sure about the last one!) and I love the christmas feeling you get from that combo. Eyeshadow pallette from Zoeva Every now and again I watch makeup tutorials on youtube wishing I had the patience to blend eyeshadow like they do.. If I did I would want to do it with these colours Faye leather satchel from Chloe Just look at it. Off the shoulder shirt from Theory I first saw this shirt on Petra Tungården, a swedish blogger, and became slightly obsessed. It's the perfect "staple piece with a twist" shirt. Luxe hair towel from Aquis I read about these guys the other day.. They've created a hair towel that will supposedly not only reduce frizz but dry your hair quicker as well. The dream, no? A massive plus is that they've got a towel for long hair! Parka from Canada Goose I want a cozy parka that will keep me warm no matter where I am (usually Sweden or UK during the winter) and no matter what weather, rain or snow. This one is inspired by the arctic and should keep me warm during those harsh minus degrees Heels from Kendall + Kylie / Asos I've got a thing for strappy buckle heels and to my own surprise these are not black?! I'd probably wear them with an all black outfit though.. So pretty. Gold and silver filled stack rings from Selah Vie / Etsy I had no idea Selah Vie had an etsy shop! Makes it so much easier to shop with them :) I think I've mentioned it previously but I definitely want to add a few more to my little ring collection.. Swedish mulled wine from BLOSSA Guys, this is the best mulled wine you'll ever taste and I am slightly obsessed with it during the winter months. So obsessed that I've even put it on my wishlist.

Navy gown from Asos I just want to wear a gown. That's it Watch from Larsson and Jennings I've got a silver watch already that I use every single day but I've had it since 2007 and well.. it's 2016 now. It's time for an update (see what I did there..?). Book by Aimee Song One of my favourite instagrammers and bloggers has published a book! She shares lots of tips on how to build your instagram and well.. with over 4 million followers she must know what she's talking about?!

This is all I can think of right now and I think it's a pretty extensive list, don't you? Pretty varied as well, haha. Gifts aside, all I actually want for my birthday is to celebrate it with family (end of November) and friends (bday weekend), eat good food, dance and relax with my man.