Wednesday list


Mood today? Pretty positive. Even though I am buried under a load of work from several jobs I’m feeling pretty good.

Which swear word do you use the most? Probably shit. I don’t swear very often.. or do I? I don't know.

Do you own a podcast? Nope, but I might join a radio show and tell them to post the shows as podcasts too??.. *eye emoji*

If you were born as a male, what would your name have been? Absolutely no idea

What time is your alam in the mornings? Varies. Between 7.15-7.30

How many suitcases do you own? 2! One small from Marks and Spencer and one large from Antler

What are you doing exactly now? When you read this I am most likely on the district line towards blackfriars

You’re free for a day, are you spending it with family or friends? Family during the day and friends in the evening J

When did someone last hit on you? Haha, eh I’m way to naïve to even think that way about men approaching me. Genuinely don’t know.

Today’s plans? I’m just on my way to ITV studios and because me and my new friend Maria are attending the TV recording of Norwegian tv show Skavlan! Super excited and have no idea what to expect.

Weekend’s plans? I’m probably having a quiet one on Friday because I have to be up early on Saturday for a photoshoot all day. It’s a milestone event for the start up I am working for, super exciting! In the evening me and G got a double date planned. On Sunday I will try and edit my hair tutorial I filmed last weekend, alternatively film a new one..

What are you most looking forward to this weekend? Gettingg to know one of G’s old friends. There’s something about getting to know your partners friends that I really like – you get to hear how they were many years ago. There will also be food involved so.. yup, that’s it!

What did you last have for dinner? G’s mom’s food which is the best

Do you think people talk behind your back? Yes, definitely

Are you shy in front of the opposite sex? After being in a relationship for 5 years, not really. I was incredibly shy in my teens/early twenties and even though that’s changed I’m sure I’d be the worst single person now.

What was the funniest thing that happened this week? Since it’s only Wednesday.. Probably my catch up with Alana as we spent two days apart, haha!

This weeks thoughts? God, read my “on my mind post…

Do you speak any other languages? Swedish, Norwegian (definitely rusty after not living there for 7-8 years?!) and understand basic Vietnamese

Do you wash your own dishes? Our dishwasher does.

Do you think the man should pay on the first date? First date, yes. But after that I think you can split it or pay every other date.

What do you bring to the cinema? Depends if I’ve had dinner beforehand. Ice cream from Ben&Jerry’s or salty popcorn and a drink. Always a drink.

When did you last sleep on the floor? Have absolutely no idea.

How many hours of sleep do you need to fully function? Between 7-8 hours

Are you particular when it comes to spelling and grammar? Yes and no. I can easily see grammar mistakes and spelling error when others have written a text but when it comes to my own ones I’m terrible. I rarely use slang or “u” instead of “you” and dislike it when others write like that too. I’m also surprisingly crap at Swedish grammar nowadays as some sentences are constructed differently.

What did you last eat? A very healthy falafel salad from a shop near work

Would you skydive? YES! Bungy jump however, never ever.

Do you like hugging people? Define people..? I love hugging G but I find hugs/kisses with friends/strangers uncomfortable and would rather do a very awkward wave.

Allergies? Nothing. Maybe nickel?