Yesterday I woke up and felt like this:A lot of people seem to think it's going to be all bubbly and lovey dovey from the moment you wake up, but that is usually not the case! I had a productive day at work and around lunch time my colleague Shannon came through with a weird looking package addressed to me, and this was inside:Someone knows me too well! I love flowers and I love Reece's. Happy tummy, happy girlfriend. In the evening I went to Portuguese class and tried to learn numbers and description of hair and eyes. Learning a new language is seriously so hard and I've got major respect for anyone speaking more than two! After class I met G in Canary Wharf and we had a very fancy meal at Nando's. We always order a whole chicken (he eats a lot) and four sides. After dinner I went home, made sure the blog hadn't been hacked again (sigh!) and went straight to bed.

I found these on Pinterest and just had to share them: So spot on, haha. Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day! Puss!