TK Maxx and glorious discounts

The other day I popped by TK Maxx to have a little browse and if you don't know what TK Maxx is.. Just go!I have promised myself to only buy hair/body/skin products from them as one, the have so many good brands there and two, the discounts are insane. Just look at these sheet masks for example:They are £1.99?! So cheap. I'm pretty bad when it comes to face masks but my skin suffered a bit lately due to stress etc so I thought I'd give it a go.. and at £1.99 I can afford it as well, haha. I also picked up this milled chia mix that I've added to my morning porridge.. £1.49 people!! I told all my colleagues about my finds and they've all been over to have a little look as well. And if you haven't been.. GO!