This week


(very very old picture. kinda miss my long hair atm) It's December this week, can you believe it? I can't. This year has flown by for some reason. My birthday is on Monday and I usually don't do too much around it but this year I've got plenty of plants and I am genuinely nervous as to how I am going to survive it all.

Monday: I'm still a bit sick so I'm just trying to recover!

Tuesday: Most likely the same, recover!

Wednesday: MIKAELA ARRIVES!!!1 So happy to have her here for a few days <3

Thursday: Birthday meal with Mikaela and some other friends at our fave restaurant.

Friday: Work from home and potentially film a youtube video! In the evening Winter wonderland with friends. I've already asked who's willing to go on rides with G as I am more than happy to stay on the ground and hold the bags..

Saturday: Nothing planned during the day so far but going to Supa Dupa Fly's next event at the Curtain Club!

Sunday: Photoshoot for an exciting new project! Straight from the photoshoot to Axel Blake's final Krazy Klub at Tropicana!

Midnight: BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm unusually excited for my birthday and don't know why. I'm entering the "late twenties" area but I've never felt happier or more excited about pretty much everything around me. I'll write a longer post about my year later ;)

Have a lovely week everyone!