The big New Year's list | 2016

I got this New Year's list from Michaela Forni and added a few Q's of my own.

Did you do anything in 2016 that you haven’t done before? Except travelling to new destinations I attended an Alpha course which was super interesting. Other than that.. God, I’m a bit disappointed in myself, haha! Let’s try more things this year!

What countries and cities did you visit? Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne, Con Dao Island), Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden x 2 (Gothenburg, Karlstad and Stockholm), USA (New York City), Ibiza, Oxford and a staycation in London for G's birthday

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Is there anything you missed in 2016 that you’d like in 2017? Not really. Last year had its ups and downs but I overall feel grateful for having travelled to so many countries, made new and worked on relationships and progressed in my career

What dates in 2016 will you always remember? My dad’s birthday party (not on his actual bday date though) in July was memorable as it was the first time in years we had so many family and friends together. Being around everyone made me super happy. After that we celebrated Midsummer at a tiny island in Stockholm with my best friend and his extended family and that was also absolutely amazing. I love being near lakes/oceans and that was literally perfect. I’ll also remember ALL dates of NYC in September as every single day was special and lastly Sofia’s wedding on October 8th. Such a beautiful day.dsc07161-copy

What was your biggest achievement career wise? Starting my blog and receiving a promotion at work

And your biggest achievement privately? I am continuously working on myself which to me means my mental health and body. Overall I have had a good year; I am managing my anxiety better, my relationships have either grown or as you know, been “deleted” and I am happier with myself. This is obviously an ongoing journey but I do believe 2016 changed me a lot for the better.

What did you spend most money on? Flights img_5961-1

Were you happier or sadder? Happier than 2015

Favourite holiday? NYC and Oxford

What do you wish you’d done more? I can only blame myself for this but I wished I hosted more dinner parties! I hosted quite a few of them in 2015 and for some reason I just couldn’t be asked last year, but that will change in 2017.

I wished I stuck with my routines (gym…) better. In the beginning of last year I was SO motivated and went 3-4 times a week and as soon as summer came I got lazy. Hopefully I can keep it up this year :) I also wish I'd spoken up for myself more, believed in my intuition more as its usually correct and given myself a break when going through things.

What meal did you eat the most in 2016? Avocado on anything, if that counts as a meal?dsc06558-copy

Your favourite clothing item of 2016? My black coat that I had made in Vietnam by one of mom’s relatives DSC03977

What did you do on your birthday? Went to Oxford for the weekend with my love, ate good food and relaxed and later partied in London with friends. Probably one of my best birthdays. Biggest wish right now? I’m stealing this answer from Michaela. I wish the world will get a little bit better in 2017. Yes we’ve got Brexit, Trump and wars going on but I genuinely hope it gets better this coming year.

Is there anything that would’ve made the year better? Haha.. plenty. World peace, no Brexit, no trump, no illnesses in the world etc etc. Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 13.40.12 What made you feel good? All of the above. Travelling, making new friends, being around friends and family who make me happy. I’ve worked on myself loads which in return makes me feel good.

Who did you miss? No one. I saw everyone I wanted to see last year!

Favourite TV show of 2016? Quantico

What are you most proud of? Standing up for myself at work and receiving a promotion.