Friday at The Big Feastival


Bank holiday weekend. The best weekend if you ask me. For my non-UK readers that basically means that we have Monday off, so extra long weekend! On Friday morning I met up with Nam and he drove us to Cotswolds and Alex Jamie's farm (Blur singer..) where The Big Feastival was being held. The festival is a family friendly foodie-focused affair started by Jamie Oliver for literally all ages and backgrounds.

The festival grounds were decorated to the t! A very pleasant sight to other festivals I've been to where the only focus is music/getting drunk.

There were SO many food stalls from Shake Shack to Naania to Smokestak, yum! Smokestak was recommended by Nam's friend who's a chef so we started there.

It did not disappoint. I have to visit their restaurant in Shoreditch!

We then popped by one of the main tents and actually got to chat to Jamie before he went on stage for a cooking demo. He was just as bubbly and fun as he is on stage/screen.

I'd say 90% of the stalls were very proper so for example, this cocktail stall, they made cocktails from scratch. No pre-made crap you usually get at festivals, haha!

Dress from Izabel London

A very fancy Sipsmith tent!

One last meal at Popdogs!

Delicious! The Big Feastival is a very fun affair if you're there with the fam. There are so many things to do for the kids whilst the adults eat, haha. I'd definitely come back just for that! :)