Smartbond by L'Oreal at Jönning & Riashi

On Sunday last week I visited my fave hairdresser Nadia at her salon in Fitzrovia. I was fortunate enough to be one of her first clients trying out the new Smartbond treatment by L'Oreal! Smartbond is L'Oreals answer to Olaplex and is basically a treatment to protect and strengthen the hair - usually whilst using a technical service such as bleach or colour, but Nadia suggested I tried it even though I haven't done either.Quick lesson: Keratin is the essential component of hair. It is a protein formed by the combination of 18 amino acids. Within the body of the hair, the cortex, the keratin is organised into protofibrils (cluster of cells) composed of 4 chains of keratin. This is all held together by bonds or bridges between the atoms of the different chains - you still with me? Every single time you bleach, colour or use heat on your hair you break these bonds, and the treatment I had basically repairs this. If you want to see how I went from left to right - keep on reading! beforeafterDSC06076 copyI entered the salon and found my bestest swedish friend Mikaela in the chair DSC05995 copy Here's a before picture of my hair. This is a classic day-after-glam look, haha.DSC05998 copy DSC06057 copyNadia started the treatment by shampooing my hair and then massaging in Step 1 (a liquid mixture mixed with water). Then I had to sit there for about 15 minutesDSC06062 copyDSC06004 copyAfter Step 1 she gave me a lovely head massage with Step 2 in my hair. God I love a good head massage - so much better than regular back massage, don't you think?!DSC06064 copyDSC06013 copy After the treatment Nadia went on to dry my hair which usually takes a while..  DSC06023 copy Used rollers to get those glamourous big curlsDSC06027 copy Haha, us two <3 Team Sweden!DSC06031 copy Mikaela had the same treatment done a week before me and today Nadia coloured it (balayage). Looks even better in person! (Before and after below)DSC06038 copy DSC06040 copy Tadaaaaa!!DSC06045 copy Look at it!! Didn't think my hair could look so soft and smooth and shiny and lush and prettyyyyDSC06049 copy DSC06051 copy DSC06052 copy Extremely happy with my Smartbond treatment and I will most definitely get one again!  DSC06059 copyIf you want to get a treatment or enquire about it, contact Nadia here!