Secret Santa with The Creepers

Yesterday I hosted the annual creepers christmas get together and what a night it was! Let's have a look.bynoelle-secret-santa-christmasI came home after work and prepped the living room with crisps, drinks and flowers bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas2 Managed to get these from Tesco for £2.45 - love a good bargain! Thanks Tesco man for applying the extra discount!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas3Ashley felt merry and got us all Nando's!!I left my phone for two sec and I've now got 100 selfies from Albi and Tenibynoelle-secret-santa-christmas4Secret santa!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas5Junior is known for being.. well not the best gift giver.. He gave matt a picture of himself, haha!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas6 Santa's helperbynoelle-secret-santa-christmas7Albi got some arty stuff!bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas8bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas9 Tazer got a Liverpool tee (me and Tisse had absolutely no idea what this was..)dsc07995-copy Albi got revenge on Jr on Geralds behalf.. That's friendship, ladies and gentlemen. He was given beerpong, haha.bynoelle-secret-santa-christmas10Me and Tisse entertained ourselves when the conversations got too dirtyForgot to take a group picture in the living room so took a quick bye-selfie in the hallway I got this cute PJ set from Cat and a choker! Yaaaay!

Thanks guys for not completely destroying my living room and for making me laugh hysterically throughout the year in our group chat. Love you all!