Saturday at Gymbox and Hyde Park

On Saturday I met up with my coolest friend Albi and he is a member at the coolest gym in town called Gymbox and had a guest pass for me! yay! Gymbox basically looks like a club with machines and free weights.. it even has a dj during the weekdays?! After a good upper body session we had lunch at BenugoNext stop: Hyde Park. We walked all the way from Victoria to Serpentine (inside Hyde Park) not really knowing how far it actually was..St James's Park belowDSC05627 copyDSC05631 copyDSC05635 copyDSC05636 copyDSC05641 copyDSC05642 copyThe palace! DSC05643 copyBeautiful floral arrangements everywhereDSC05645 copyHyde Park!DSC05648 copyDSC05651 copyDSC05653 copyDSC05654 copyWe payed £4.80 each to enter the Serpentine Lido and decided to test the water which was ABSOLUTELY disgusting and I do not know how parents allow their kids to swim in that water. Maybe I'm being a complete prude but I am not swimming in that water ever again, haha. It was green and filled with millions of tiny lovely algae particles.. At one point both me and Albi felt something touch our legs.. Eeeeeewwwww. The good thing is that there was cold showers with clean water so after our swim we were able to wash it all off, phew. After our little adventure we were joined by Matt and we all had an early dinner together :)IMG_3413 Apparently we were joined by a pokemon as well.. :D

Dress/beach cover up from Asos