Quick list!

Snapped by Nigel

Best so far this week? Received a couple of very exciting emails regarding potential collaborations! Other than that, nothing too exciting.

Worst so far this week? It's now Thursday and I've been pretty ill since monday evening. I'm rarely ill since I'd like to think I lead a pretty healthy life but there's definitely a bug going around :(

I think a lot about: My blog. I really want to grow the blog this year and I am very excited about it! I spoke to a good friend tuesday evening and he gave me some really good advice in terms of collaborations and pr in general.

What am I wearing today? Haha, PJ's and white robe from The White Company

This week I look forward to? My weekend activities (based on me being well!). On Saturday me and G are going to check out the winter lights festival in Canary Wharf and have a romantic date at Shake Shack (newly opened). On Sunday we are going to a preview screening of Denzel Washingtons new movie Fences, very excited to see that movie!

What am I doing today? Blog, answer some emails, watch Modern Family and drink lemon water/tea. I also need to cook at some point. Ugh I hate being ill.

Tomorrows plans? I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and will mostly likely go to work. After work I might meet up with Emelie. Haven't seen her in ages and feel the need to speak a bit of swedish!