Queen B

I've got a BANGING hangover from hell but oh did I have fun yesterday!Me and Luis went to see Beyonce at Wembley Stadium and not only that, we had VIP tickets. We met at green park station and travelled together with thousands other bey-clad fans to Wembley Park and walked to the stadium. Once there I obviously had issues with my ticket etc but once that was sorted we walked into a super busy lounge/restaurant area. We had drinks, food and more drinks before finding our seats. Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson was opening act (GO ZARA!) and after came the queen herself with her dancers to Formation and everyone went nuts. Now.. I'm a big fan of Beyonce. If I could vote her as Queen of all things I probably would.. BUT.. for the first half of the concert she seemed distracted. She wasn't as amazing, bubbly and excited as I thought she would be. I absolutely loved it everytime she sang her old songs (crazy in love, baby boy etc) but she cut them all SO short to promote her new album, which I understand. I'm just not the biggest fan of Lemonade. Anyway. I'm happy I have now seen her live and super happy Luis was there to share the experience with me - even though I'm hurting like hell right now, haha.DSC05413 copy DSC05415 copyDSC05416 copy DSC05429 copyDSC05418 copy DSC05423 copyDSC05425 copyDSC05424 copy DSC05436 copy DSC05444 copy DSC05430 copyDSC05449 copy DSC05456 copy DSC05462 copyPuss, N