Q/A - Blog advice

I am slowly starting to get more and more questions about myself and the blog which is SUPER fun! I absolutely love when you guys comment as it's easy to feel a bit lonely without them. I can obviously check my statistics and numbers but there's something extra about someone taking the time to write a little note <3 I got the comment below from Nicole yesterday and instead of replying to her in the comment section I thought I'd write a post about it, as others might be interested as well!


Started following your blog a few weeks ago and absolutely love it, thank you for creating such a great space! I’m half Swedish half Danish and live in London so I feel like I can relate to a lot of what you write about. I can’t remember how I came across your blog now, so far the only blog I followed religiously was My Scandinavian Home. Lately I’ve started thinking about maybe starting a blog myself and was wondering if you had any advice? I hope you don’t mind me asking! Xx

Hej Nicole :) As above.. thank you so much for commenting! I haven't actually read My Scandinavian Home so thanks for the tip! Now, I'm not sure what type of blog you are thinking about creating but I'd say go for it! You've got nothing to lose, right? I've had two-three blogs in the past that I ended up deleting simply because I wasn't passionate enough about it, but at the end of last year I had this weird moment when I knew I really wanted to go for it. So firstly, what kind of blog would you like to start? What's your niche? It could be anything from food, fitness, travel, lifestyle, fashion to career, finance and DIY - or all of it! There are various ways to go about starting a blog and plenty of websites offers free platforms such as wordpress, blogger and scandinavian websites devote, nouw and familjeliv (family blogs). I actually bought my own domain and design and use wordpress to blog which I find super easy. In terms of growing a following.. you need to be consistent. Consistent in terms of posts per week, photo quality, the content and material.. everything. I personally think my blog has grown simply because I treat this website as my online diary. Yes I'll show fun travels and events but I'm not afraid of sharing my deepest thoughts and concerns either.

There is also a difference between blogs internationally and in scandinavia (please do correct me if I'm wrong or if you have a different opinion!). Scandinavian blogs are quite personal and we post nearly daily about our day-to-day lives whereas UK/International blogs are more article based. I don't mind either but my preference is the scandi-style as I like reading about others lives, haha. I somehow feel like I know Michaela and Sandra (two of my fave swedish bloggers) simply because they treat their blogs and followers like a diary/family.

I went on a bit of a rant there but I hope you found some kind of answer in there?! Otherwise please comment again and I'll try and be more specific, haha!

Lots of love, Noelle