Pub, board games and impulsive moments

You know when you've planned a chilled afternoon with a couple of friends and then it turns into massive rave? Yeah that's what happened to me last sunday. I met up with Albi at London Bridge and found a pub with outdoor space and shared a bottle of rose. Nicole joined us shortly after and we catched up and went through all kinds of dangerous topics whilst drinking and playing board games. Such a relaxing and fun couple of hours. We had planned to grab dinner elsewhere and was all of a sudden picked up by another friend, Ashley, who instead of grabbing food drove us all to an Adidas event in Dalston. Without any food in our bellies we were now drinking more than earlier - great! After a few hours there, now quite obviously drunk, we headed down to shoreditch to attend another (!) event, Old School Sundays. I think I've written about it before, but it is a cool event on Curtain Road where they play old school hip hop music, board games available, tv games etc. I only stayed for about an hour but managed to drink a shot (maybe two) during that hour alone. Oh how I wanted to regret the entire day on monday morning, but couldn't. I had way too much fun, laughed way too much and enjoyed myself to the fullest, can't walk around regretting that? DSC04665 copyDSC04667 copyDSC04668 copyDSC04669 copyDSC04680 copy DSC04675 copy DSC04692 copyDSC04690 copyThis is what weekends are all about. Having fun and being able to share whatever experience it is with family and friends.

Puss, N