Pool hang and The Beast


Last weekend was seriously so productive. Not only did I attend two festivals, me and Alana decided to put out our pool as well and organise a little pool hang-thing.

It took a good couple of hours to fill it up but we got there in the end!

The sun was out the following day and we did nothing but chill by and in the pool!

We invited Tahni and Mikaela over for lunch and more relaxing!

We prepared snacks and drinks and as soon as Mikaela arrived we had lunch

A very easy salad with goat's cheese and cous cous!

Tahni left and me, Mikaela and Alana went to Alexandra Palace and The Beast!!! The worlds largest inflatable obstacle course!

I accidentally booked a pretty late session but we were too excited (and a little bit scared) to care!

We arrived kind of early so decided to grab some food beforehand.

Greek wraps, yum!

The obstacle course was seriously so fun but a lot harder than what I thought it would be. We were all sweating afterwards!

After about 15-20 minutes of jumping, crawling and climbing we were done!

Love these girls! I can't wait to do The Beast again - come soon guys! :)