Thoughts on last year's goals and this year!


I found my goals from last year and as I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions I thought I’d at least comment on the goals and write about this years! Let’s see how I did:

  • Workout 3-4 times a week and get myself some abs (they’re there somewhere, I know it!) I did pretty good during the start of the year but towards the end.. don’t think I’ve seen a gym for 3 months?!
  • Eat less meat/pork and more fish/vegetarian I definitely ate little to no pork and cut down substantially on meat in general and will continue with eating more plant based foods. I not only enjoy it but my body feels cleaner too!
  • Eat out only if there is a good deal Again, I was very good during the beginning of the year and then.. I wasn’t.
  • Learn Portuguese Well I did a 12 weeks course but I found the teaching method super difficult, so it was quite demotivating going to a class! I felt like I learnt more from Duolingo!I used a tiny bit of my Portuguese in Brazil.. 
  • Start therapy again. This didn’t happen either but I did read books and listen to podcasts which I felt helped quite a lot!
  • Start collaborating with the blog! I collaborated with lots of fun brands last year like John Lewis, Debenhams, hotels and clothing brands.
  • Take my drivers license Ehm, I passed my theory test (WOOP!) but still need to take driving lessons.. to be continued!
  • Focus on my friends around me that are supportive and positive I definitely did this. Previously I would try and keep in touch with a friend and meet up and chase and do SO much whilst the other person didn’t, and who did that hurt? Me. So last year I decided to chase a little less, care a little less (but not in a bad way) and focus more on me and what makes me happy.
  • Be a supportive, encouraging and patient partner He should really answer this but I personally think I was SUPER patient (and I’m normally not the most patient person, I want things to happen all the time and now now now). We travelled a little less and saw each other less but it was all worth it as he passed his final degree!
  • Cook and bake more I cooked more but didn’t bake more..
  • Host more dinner parties I had a couple of dinner parties but there’s definitely room for more this year! _________________________

So what do I want to focus on this year?

I want to have more routines in my life. Morning routine, gym routine, evening routine, meal prep routine.. In the last two months I’ve been incredibly sick and I’ve completely fallen off any kind of routine. I’m finally better so it shouldn’t be too hard to get back into things with a little planning!

Stop being so hard on myself and learn how to love myself more Sounds so easy but I definitely am that kind of person who likes giving advice on others but don’t apply it to myself

Continue focusing on friends around me that are supportive, encouraging and real.By each passing year you learn more and more about yourself and about the people you keep around you. My circle is small and people come and go, like waves, but I am so grateful for the few additional friends I made last year.

Travel more Be more frugal and travel more. I definitely want to tick off one or two cities in the states and somewhere in Asia this year

Take my driver’s license!!!

Start filming more youtube videos Tutorials, chats and travel vlogs!

Do you have any goals/dreams/resolutions for this year? Tell me tell me inspire me!