The perfect red lipstick


On Friday evening when I was hanging out with G and his colleagues, one of their friends came to join us. All of a sudden this lovely friend hands us all lipsticks?! I was slightly confused but very grateful! It's not every day you get makeup for free :)The lipstick I got is from Maybelline and is called Rich Ruby. It's part of their Colour Sensational range and is a matte lipstick. I rarely wear red on my lips due to the fact that I had to wear it as uniform when I worked for Emirates, and even though those days are long gone.. I'm still damaged, haha. On Sunday I decided to try it out and G took a few shots of me on our terrace.Jumper fromManners Apparel This is one layer of lipstick without lip pencil! The colour is VERY red on me and would probably come out different on someone else, but it is beautiful. Here's two other shots he took in Shoreditch. It was absolutely freezing this weekend so I bundled up!Coat from Canada GooseSneakers from Adidas

The lipstick lasted very well during our meal and I reapplied just after dinner, yay!

Do you wear lipstick on a daily basis? If so, what brands do you prefer? Puss!

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