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I was inspired by my fave Swedish bloggers Elsa and Sandra to write a “what’s on my mind” post so here we go! - What do I wish for my birthday? I did a list last year so I might as well do one again?


- What do I wish for Christmas? I still dislike the fact that my bday and Christmas is close together, will always do

- SUPER EXCITED to have a birthday meal with Mikaela end of this month. Like. I can’t even express how excited I am! We're going to our fave steak restaurant nom nom

- Sweet potato fritters - I have to make it this week

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- Why did no one tell me that Stranger Things is legit scary? I kind of thought it was a show for kids..

- I'm not a fan of dressing up for Halloween or any kind of party but I've seen so many inspiring and awesome makeup looks and costumes this year! I might have to give it a go..

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- Where do we go for our next big holiday? LA or Asia? Or both? I'm definitely leaning towards LA as I really want to see my best friend Katie!


- Where do I want to move next? (Constantly on my mind)

What's on YOUR mind?


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