New project: She Builds Brands - Radio show season 2!

Oh have I got some exciting news for you all!I went to a very inspiring seminary hosted by Pixeloute a couple of weeks ago and their key note speaker was Kubi Springer. Kubi is an amazing branding expert and entrepreneur who currently travels the world and educates high profile companies on branding. I had to rush away from the seminar so didn't get a chance to speak to her but a week later I received an email asking if I would be interested in co-hosting season 2 of her radio show?! First I thought absolutely not. It sounded scary and I thought "why me?" a million times before agreeing to a call.

Kubi started She Builds Brands in 2009 with some of the best freelance marketers, strategic thinkers and content creators from all around the world. They are now renowned for specialising in the creative industry such as fashion, health and media. Kubi basically helps brands dominate their domestic market and grow internationally. On the SBB website she shares her seminars in video format and she also has a radio show.

I got to know more about the radio show and it is a show made for women, by women. It is not a one woman show, it is OUR show. Starting this Saturday between 10-12am you will be able to hear us talk about career, relationships, empowerment, fashion, start ups and everything in between and more! The show is also co created by our listeners. As a listener you can call in or send in a question on Instagram Live and we will discuss it on air.


I am so excited to be on this journey with these 10 other AMAZINGLY talented and cool women and I hope you'll join me on this journey :)

Tune in on channel radio digital HERE and sign up to She Builds Brands to learn more about branding and take part of some of the seminars that Kubi gives, all for free.