My new bedroom - inspiration


As some of you know I have moved rooms within my house. It hasn't been pain-free (see evidence above) but it will be worth it! I've got all my furniture in etc, so next step is to paint my room white as it is now a dirty cream colour, ugh. As soon as all of the walls are white I can play around with decorations a bit more!

I love a round mirror! I bought a replacement mirror for my broken one but it's the same rectangular shape - everyone needs a full length mirror!

I like the minimal photographies in black frames.. can't decide whether I'm going to mix white/black/wooden frames!

I have two malm drawers next to each other to create a similar thing as above.. It is currently packed with junk but it will soon be the home of candle holders, plants and minimal decorations.

My bedsheets are all white (obvs) but I like the idea of adding grey/beige colours into the mix! I also want more plants. I'm thinking this:

But a smaller version, haha.

Can't wait to give you guys more updates as I go! :)